12 June 2024

Alun Williams quoted extensively in property press on new Conservative manifesto

Partner Alun Williams has been quoted extensively in the property press, including Property Week, on the key planning and housing policies in the newly launched Conservative manifesto.

Speaking at Silverstone, Chancellor Rishi Sunak promised tax cuts, and also outlined new policies around Stamp Duty, Capital Gains Tax, and the Housebuilding, Planning and Leased Tenants (Reform) Bill.

Alun says: “The announcement of a fast-track planning system in 20 major cities will ultimately come down to details, but my initial impression is that the Conservatives have adopted a sticking plaster approach to a system that needs major surgery.”

Part of Alun’s quote was used in the headline for the Property Week article: 'Devoid of imagination': property industry blasts 'sticking plaster' Tory manifesto.

Read Alun’s comments in:


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