05 february 2024

Alun Williams features in Law Society Gazette roundtable

Partner Alun Williams took part in the Law Society Gazette’s latest roundtable on mid-sized firms and is featured in the subsequent write-up.

Chaired by Features Editor Eduardo Reyes, the roundtable considered how mid-sized firms can stay ahead through nimble decision-making, good-quality work, and the ability to shape a healthy culture.

Amongst other areas, Alun fed into the main topic – technology and AI, mentioning he looked to the judiciary’s guide on using AI for a steer and was disappointed.

‘I was expecting [it] to be enlightening,’ he says. ‘It’s literally a page and a half about how you shouldn’t do this, this and this, because you might get into trouble. That was it. That’s what the judiciary are advised as to how AI may assist. What we want to know is how it helps.’

Giving his opinion on law firm culture, and with his comments concluding the piece, Alun relates that his 70-strong firm has lost one person in five years. ‘I think young people need something to believe in,’ he concludes. ‘We try and focus on that, without virtue signalling.’

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