12 FEBRUARY 2024

Nick Gova featured in Cambridge Edition

Partner Nick Gova’s comments on co-parenting are featured extensively in Cambridge Edition’s February issue.

The article, from Cambridge’s leading local lifestyle magazine, interviews experts about navigating the transition from a partner to a parent relationship.

Nick explains what co-parenting is, how an amicable arrangement is in everyone’s best interests, and discusses circumstances where co-parenting might not be advised.

Nick says:

 “People who are wishing to truly co-parent attempt to deal with matters amicably and proportionately, with the children’s best wishes at the forefront.”

“It is always the court’s preference that parents agree the arrangements for any children between themselves rather than having to dictate them.”

 “I always caution that parents in difficult circumstances – for instance, if they have been in abusive or unhealthy relationships – need to consider whether co-parenting is appropriate or even effective.”

Read the article (page 52-53)


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