26 JANUARY 2024

Nick Gova featured in Workplace Wellbeing Professional

Partner Nick Gova has written an article in Workplace Wellbeing Professional looking at how businesses can support employees going through divorce.

Nick writes, “As a family lawyer I see first-hand every day the repercussions that separation and divorce have on every aspect of someone’s life. There is not a hard line separating someone’s home and work lives, so employers must do more to support employees who are going through a family breakdown.”

The article examines the scale of the issue, the impact of divorce on the workplace, and provides suggestions for how employers can help. Nick discusses the work of the Positive Parenting Alliance, whose mission is to improve outcomes for children when parents separate, and which is raising awareness of the impact of divorce and separation at work through its HR initiative.

Nick concludes: “Getting divorced can leave people feeling lost and lonely. By showing empathy and understanding, and implementing some simple adjustments to HR policies and procedures employers can do a lot to help.”

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