13 JUNE 2024

Nick Gova quoted in The Independent on divorce regret

Family Partner Nick Gova is quoted extensively in The Independent discussing regretting a divorce and how to get back with an ex.

In leading journalist and commentator Flic Everett’s regular column, Nick explains the no-fault divorce process and considers the impact of children and how to approach reconciliation.

On the divorce process, Nick says:

“The current no-fault divorce process provides a mandatory 20-week period before progressing to the next stage. It allows couples to understand the ramifications of what they’re seeking and truly consider whether they want to dissolve their marriage.” Solicitors are legally required “to assess and ask if the marriage has broken down irretrievably”, before going ahead.

On children, Nick says:

“Children can have a profound impact. I recall a case following an initial hearing, where on the doorstep of the courtroom, the divorcing parents looked at each other and broke down in tears. They did end up reconciling.”

Nick is also quoted on getting back together:

“Reconciliation can be successful and I have witnessed it. Both need to enter into any reconciliation with a fresh mindset, maybe via counselling to help get a new perspective. Ultimately, it’s about rebuilding trust.”

Read Nick’s comments in The Independent


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