29 FEBRUARY 2024

Nick Gova's comments on divorce rates widely featured 

Family Partner Nick Gova’s comments on plunging divorce rates revealed by the ONS stats have been widely featured.

Nick comments: “The cost of living crisis has played a big part in the falling divorce rate. Uncertainty in the housing market, increasing mortgage rates, concerns over job security and rising bills will worry many couples and lead them to put big life decisions like separation and divorce on hold. It will be interesting to see if the divorce rate increases again when the economic situation improves.”

This analysis has been featured in leading family law trade publication Today’s Family Lawyer, and in longstanding Times columnist Edward Fennell’s Legal Diary.

Nick’s comments are in response to the recently released ONS statistics, which showed that in 2022 there were 80,057 divorces granted in England and Wales, a 29.5% decrease compared with 2021 (113,505 divorces) and the lowest number of divorces since 1971.

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