30 April 2024

Gary Scott’s comments on the Renters Reform Bill featured extensively in the media

Partner Gary Scott has been featured extensively across the legal and property press commenting on the Renters Reform Bill, which was debated in Parliament last week.

The articles in which he is featured explain that MPs voted in favour of the government plans for an indefinite delay to ending Section 21 evictions while the effects of the new tenancy system on the county courts are assessed.

Gary comments:

“Despite criticism from some sectors, the Government has added an amendment to the Bill to ensure that so called ‘no-fault’ evictions will not end until the court system can cope with the newly proposed system.”

“This is an essential practical step which would otherwise mean the court system as it stands would be completely overwhelmed with the vast number of new claims which it would be required to handle. The result would be a complete breakdown of the system. It is already taking up to a year to process a straightforward possession claim. Adding thousands more cases will break the current system.”

“Court reform was always said to be a prerequisite to this change, and it should be no surprise that this amendment has been added. It is, however, disappointing that there has been no announcement of a timeframe or any indication of the steps being taken toward such court reform.”

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