31 MAY 2024

Nick Gova featured in the legal press on the Family Procedure Rules

Family Partner Nick Gova has been featured in Today’s Family Lawyer and Edward Fennell’s Legal Diary commenting on the new Family Procedure Rules, which came fully into force on 29 April.

Nick’s comments are included in the ‘Legal Comment of the Week’ section of the Legal Diary, which is compiled by longstanding legal journalist Edward Fennell. In Today’s Family Lawyer he is quoted amongst other industry leaders.

The new Family Procedure Rules encourage parties to engage in various models of mediation and non-court dispute resolution (NCDR) as a means of resolving matters.

Nick says:

“The new rules concerning non-court dispute resolution (NCDR) – which came into force last week – are a welcome and inevitable shift in family law. It will now be at the heart of every family law matter. This is a crucial but necessary step at a time where courts remain burdened with frivolous applications or parties simply wishing to litigate.”

Changes include parties at a mediation information and assessment meeting must be provided with information about the principles, process and different models of mediation and other methods of non-court dispute resolution, such as mediation, arbitration, evaluation by a neutral third party and collaborative law.”

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